We know that the free spins concept is very easy - these are the spins on a slot game that you can enjoy without betting any of your real money on the outcome. You can win money, but cannot lose. There is no formula to know the number of free spins because it will depend on the online casino you are joining. And to be sure, you will not get free spins to all the games, the offer is only valid for certain games, so make sure first when you check the game. 
Free spins attract new players, while they’re free in the sense that you won’t ever have to play real money on them, it’s worth remembering that casinos wouldn’t offer them at all if they didn’t expect to get anything in return. 

The ways how you can get these spins is also very easy, just search online, maybe you will have to invite a friend, follow them on social media, some casino might give free spins on your birthday. 
The most important part is terms and conditions, be sure that you agree with restrictions on your winning total, time limits, wagering requirements, and incompatibility with other promotions and offers. 
The biggest number of free spins, the bigger number of terms and conditions. Consider which offer will work out the best overall, and you can play safely in the knowledge that you’re getting a good deal as well as having fun.

Free spins are those kinds of bonuses where players get to play slots without any monetary compensation. Free slot promotions can come in different forms. Sometimes you can get free spins as an individual bonus but also bundled with other extras as a package. 
Every player likes to be safe in the knowledge their money is in a secure place. For that reason, it is vital to find a reputable and trustworthy casino. Only after you select an adequate gambling establishment, you’ll be able to enjoy slots and all their perks fully.

It’s always nice if you know someone with experience who can help you find the best online casino. However, if that’s not the case, one must resort to other sources. Luckily, there are many unbiased websites online to help and educate casino players.

Getting to spin the reels a couple of times without any monetary obligation would be the perfect definition of free spins in online casinos. There are multiple ways to obtain free slot promotions, which can differ between casinos. The essential thing is to select a safe and reliable gambling establishment. Besides this, make sure you always check if there are any playthrough requirements. After all these conditions are fulfilled, there’s nothing else to stop you from enjoying the thrill and excitement slots can bring.